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All translators that work for Polyglot Communications are accredited by the American Translators Association and many hold Master Degrees in translation from qualified Universities or Higher Education Institutions around the world. They are also current in the business jargon of their native language.
Our ATA (American Translators Association) Certified Translators have met pre-requisites and passed a challenging test in order to become Certified Translators (CT).
The ATA certification examination tests for professional translation skills. It is designed to determine whether a candidate is able to produce a translation that is professionally usable within the framework provided by the Translation Instructions.


The majority of our Conference Interpreters are members of the AIIC, the French acronym for International Association of Conference Interpreters.
The AIIC sets the standard in conference interpreting also known as “UN-style interpreting” or “real-time, simultaneous translation.” Our members have all undergone a rigorous admissions process to become AIIC members, vouching for the highest level of quality, professionalism, and ethics in the industry. Our members typically hold professional credentials from graduate interpreter and translator schools from all over the world and are accredited with many international organizations such as the Department of State, the United Nations, the European Union, the Federal Government of Canada, and many more.
Our California Certified Court Interpreters: Only interpreters who pass the Court Interpreter Certification Examination and register with the Judicial Council are referred to as “certified” in 13 different languages.

Voice-Over Talent

Our voice-over talent or narrators have a neutral accent when recording and record only in their native tongue and work in many fields. Besides the entertainment industry dubbing films and TV programs, they also narrate corporate videos, training videos, infomercials, TV and radio commercials, audio-books, etc.

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