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Video/Multimedia Presentations with Subtitles

Subtitles cost about 75% less than dubbing and or voice over recording and it's a perfect solution for smaller budgets.
Subtitles are limited by the amount of words a person can read as the scene changes. Sometimes part of the information details are lost, but the film will be clearly understood with summary translation skills used by subtitle professionals.
Polyglot Communications currently does subtitles for a major digital studio in Hollywood into Vietnamese and other foreign languages.
With more digital media on the web, this trend is growing at a very fast pace and there are several guidelines and software that facilitate the subtitling process in the videos and films, but only a savvy and experienced translator can accomplish the job with the quality standards in the industry.
Subtitling a feature film, documentary or any other audio-visual presentation, requires more than a professional translator. It requires “know how” and experience in this field.
The space for the translation is limited and the cultural sensitivities of the target audience are extremely important.
Our translators are specialist in this field and are fully aware of the current practices to translate and localize the text and at the same time, meet the quality standards of the industry.

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